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Plum 'Luisa'
Luisa is a chance seedling arising in Hamilton. Very large, yellow flesh and skin, virtually freestone. Unusual shape, similar to a mango. PVR applies Exceptional eating quality with a sweet aromatic flavour and fine texture, very juicy. Luisa is very grower friendly in terms of pollination, cultivation and disease hardiness, so can be readily grown organically. Ripens late January to Early February. Self-fertile.
Bag Size
4.7L Sold Out this season

Quince 'Smyrna'
Very large bright yellow fruit with light yellow flesh. Attractive smaller tree with dark green foliage and very showy blossoms in late spring. Fruit stores well. Self fertile. Sun. 3 x 2m
Bag Size
4.7L Available

Raspberry 'Heritage'
Highly recommended home garden selection for fresh eating, freezing, bottling, and preserves. Large, sweet, dark red berries with a mild flavour from mid summer. Tall sturdy canes can be cut off at the ground each winter. Sun. 1.8 x 1.2m
Bag Size
2.5L Available

Raspberry 'Tulameen'
Summer fruiting raspberry with extremely high yields of very large fruit and a lovely sweet flavour. Produces fruit on 2 year old canes which are then cut out. Sun. 1.8 x 1.2m
Bag Size
2.5L Limited Stock

Red Currant 'Giant Ruby'
A long performing heritage variety producing very attractive large clusters of gorgeous looking and superior eating berries in time for Xmas. Fruit all ripens uniformly. Best in sun. 1.5 x 1.2m
Bag Size
3.3L Stock due for release Spring

  Records 121 - 125 of 125

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