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230 Paton Road, Hope, RD 1, Richmond, Nelson 7081
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About Thirkettle Nurseries

Thirkettle's from the airEstablished by John & Jackie in 1982, Thirkettle Nurseries has grown from a small producer of fruit trees to a large wholesale nursery. We currently have 12 hectares in container production, with 8000 m2 under plastic and employ 20+ staff.

One of our distinguishing features is the extensive range of varieties (1500+) and grades (2L – 35L) that we grow. Some might say that we live and breathe plants, the environment we have created over the last 28 years attesting to this with 3000+ varieties in our gardens.

When considering whether to add a line to our range, the plant needs to pass the Thirkettle Test (TT) – do we like it, will it grow in gardens, can we propagate it, can we market it and will it sell? However as part of our customer service, we will grow plants requested by customers that bypass the TT.

We are currently developing a "Connoisseur Range", comprising of plants that will appeal to the specialist garden enthusiasts. We expect to release this range in 2010.

Pittosporum Reflections We continue to trial and assess a range of plants, including a selection of our own hybrids. We have released several Pittosporum selections, our latest in 2009 "Pittosporum Reflections" (PVR applied for, photo left).

In 2009 we also released three Michelia yunnanensis x "Bubbles" selections – "Lemon Fragrant" (PVR applied for), "Misty Mauve" and "Adora Belle". We hope to have the first release of a lovely pink selection in 2010-2011 – this is a stunner!

In addition to our own breeding programs, we are involved with several others - berryfruit, blueberries and feijoas. There will be new releases, both commercial and home garden, coming from these programs over the next few years.

Fruit Trees, in particular Citrus, are a major line and we supply a mix of grades to customers throughout NZ. To complement our range, we release a 35L grade (ex-stock plants) each year. These are popular with both Landscapers & Garden Centres. Our Meyer lemons are another hit – with the 2 year old fruiting grade a winner. Our fruiting range is continually expanding to meet market requirements. Tunnel House
Tunnel House
Other major lines we grow include Rhododendrons (100+ varieties),
Camellias (145+), Climbers, Hostas, General Ornamentals,
Natives and Phormiums.

We have an excellent propagation team and propagate the majority of stock ourselves.

Our specialist growing facilities enable us to offer a contract growing service to both retailers and commercial growers.

Tunnel House
The Thirkettle team is led by John & Jackie, with John Penny as Manager, Mark Hrynkiw as Production and Propagation Manager, Mark Simpson as Sales and Marketing Manager, Dee in Accounts, Jenny on the front desk and last but not least, Igor the cat. Management is supported by the great team on the nursery, whose combined efforts ensure that our plants have the best environment to grow in.


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